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    Change your mindset. Master your success.

  • Why This Podcast?

    Because you don't want more information--you want solutions!


    There's already enough information out there.


    What you need is guidance on how to apply the RIGHT information to solve your particular problem and get your desired result.


    Equipped 4 Change provides a mix of insights, information, applicable strategies and actionable "how-to's" that will equip you to make real, tangible changes in your personal and professional life TODAY.


    We mix it up with a bit of mic-side chat, motivational pick-me-up, in-depth conversations, mini case studies and phenomenal interviews that will leave you wanting more.


    Tune in each week for 30 minutes that will change your life.


    You have issues--we have answers.

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  • "Having heard this story, you just provided me with an extra boost to finish out the remaining part of 2019 in the most impactful way.  Thank you for sharing this podcast with me and the world. can't wait to check out another episode!!!" - N. Bullock

  • Show Notes!

    Summaries, thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    May 13, 2020 · Podcast Episodes,Mindset 2 Mastery
    As we find ourselves relying more on technology to stay in touch, it begs the question of whether we can build true connections in a remote environment. Whether you're working from home, connecting with others personally or trying to forge new networks, forming and nurturing relationships when...
    May 10, 2020 · Podcast Episodes,Mindset 2 Mastery,equipped for change
    No one wants to "quit". We have attached so many preconceived notions to the idea of 'giving up' that makes us feel like we're a failure. But what if saying "I quit" WASN'T failing? What if giving yourself permission to "quit" was really giving yourself permission to pivot? Doing the same thing...
    May 7, 2020 · KARS Thoughts,equipped for change
    There's no question that the world has been shifted because of COVID-19. What used to be "normal" ways of doing things are no longer allowed. Overnight we moved from a society based on certain longstanding structures, policies and procedures to one that was more fluid, adaptive and responsive...
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