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    Why this podcast?

    You have issues---we have answers!

    Because you don't want more information--you want solutions! There's already enough information out there. What you need is guidance on how to apply the RIGHT information to solve your particular problem and get your desired result.


    Mindset 2 Mastery provides a mix of insights, information, applicable strategies and actionable "how-to's" that will equip you to make real, tangible changes in your personal and professional life TODAY. We mix it up with a bit of mic-side chat, motivational pick-me-up, in-depth conversations, mini case studies and phenomenal interviews that will leave you wanting more. Tune in each week for 30 minutes that will change your life. You have issues--we have answers.

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    3 Steps to Having Difficult Conversations

    Change requires difficult conversations. So how do we manage those?

    Difficult conversations are never "fun".


    They can be tense, intense, challenging, contentious and downright exhausting. But if we are truly serious and committed to the process of change, we have to be open to having difficult conversations.


    Join Keisha A Rivers as she provides three steps to having difficult conversations that will help you move things forward.

    Equipped for Change: Your Giraffe Pimp Moment

    What type of images are your words creating?

    "Words matter. There's too much power in what you say to be careless." - Michelle Obama.


    Our words are powerful. They have the ability to create new ways of thinking, impact emotions and direct action in ourselves and others. So how are we using our ability to create vision, thoughts and feelings?


    Listen in to this mic-side chat with Keisha A Rivers as she shares her thoughts on what our "giraffe pimp" moments are and how we should be taking advantage of them to truly impact change. Episode airing May 24, 2020 Click here to listen.

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