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Knowledge Always Reigns Supreme

At The KARS Group LTD, we believe that every journey begins with a single step. For us, that step was driven by a passion for guiding individuals, organizations, and communities through the transformative power of change.

Our Mission

To equip organizations and leaders to create safer spaces where people feel seen, heard, and valued.

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Our Vision

To facilitate global change leadership initiatives that foster psychologically safe, people-centered, people-focused, people-first organizations.

Our Values

Community and Collaboration

Honesty and Integrity

A Learning Centered Approach

Next Normals


Evolutionary and Transformational Thinking

Empowering Change, Inspiring Growth

Our story is one of resilience, inspiration, and unwavering commitment. Founded by Keisha A. Rivers, we've evolved from humble beginnings to become a beacon of expertise in change management, leadership development, and learning.

As you explore, you'll discover the heart and soul of our organization—the incredible team behind our success, our core values that drive us forward, and the mission that fuels our every endeavor. You'll also learn about the impact we've had on our clients and the communities we serve.

We're your partner in achieving lasting success, fostering inclusive environments, and embracing the ever-evolving landscape of change.

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Guiding The Journey of Change

Change is an inevitable force that touches every aspect of our lives, both personally and professionally. However, it's not the event itself but the journey that truly matters. Our mission is to guide you through that journey, ensuring that it's one of purpose, resilience, and growth.

A Commitment to Excellence

We're driven by a deep commitment to excellence, driven by the belief that every challenge is an opportunity in disguise. Whether it's a shift in organizational structure, a community in transition, or an individual seeking personal growth, we're here to equip you with the tools, strategies, and mindset needed to thrive.

The Power of Inclusivity

In our mission, inclusivity takes center stage. We're dedicated to creating safe spaces where every individual is seen, heard, and valued, regardless of their background or perspective. By fostering diverse and equitable environments, we aim to magnify the positive impact of change.

Inspiring Change Worldwide

Our mission extends beyond borders. We're not just changing organizations; we're changing the world. Through our speaking engagements, workshops, and initiatives, we're spreading the message of positive change, one audience at a time. We believe that when individuals are equipped to embrace change, organizations flourish, communities thrive, and the world becomes a better place.

As Featured In

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The Team Behind Transformation

Get to know the team responsible for driving transformation at KARS Group LTD. We firmly believe that real change begins with the dedicated individuals who bring it to life. Click here to explore the diverse talents, experience, and passion that make up our dynamic team. Discover how our collective expertise and shared commitment to your success set us apart.

We bring a rich tapestry of expertise to the table. 

Our journey is marked by the development and piloting of statewide leadership and mentorship programs. We've actively served on city and district change boards and committees, contributing to impactful transformations. Our specialization extends to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Talent Optimization, Leadership Development, Change Leadership, and Program Design, underscored by certifications as a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP), Certified Diversity Executive (CDE), and Certified Talent Optimization Consultant.

Furthermore, our commitment to excellence is affirmed by our affiliation with Cornell University, where we earned a Certificate in Women's Entrepreneurship. This multifaceted expertise forms the foundation of our ability to empower individuals, organizations, and communities to thrive amidst change.

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