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    The KARS Group LTD specializes in The KARS Facilitated Outcome™ Approach, an outcomes-based planning, implementation and assessment process that effectively integrates strategic planning, organizational development, team building and leadership cultivation.


    We teach our clients the art of thinking strategically and applying knowledge systematically to achieve desired outcomes. Through this process, we provide opportunities for clients to self-assess in order to discover ways in which they can grow and develop along the path to achieving designated outcomes. (For information on this process, see What is Facilitated Outcome?)


    In keeping with our goal of a strategic approach that creates long-term, sustainable systemic change, The KARS Group LTD offers these services:

    KARS Facilitated Outcome™

    Identify the vision; create your success.

    Change is a process not an event. 


    At The KARS Group LTD we effectively and efficiently develop and facilitate strategic processes that create your desired outcome.


    Our KARS Facilitated OutcomeTM Approach provides a framework to equip clients to 1) identify their vision of success; 2) determine a strategy to approach it; 3) create an action plan to achieve it; 4) equip their people to sustain it and 4) develop a plan to expand it.


    It's not enough to be "problem-focused", you have to be "outcomes-based" in order to identify, implement and sustain the success that you desire--and deserve.


    Our approach can be used effectively for a variety of projects at various stages--from conception to completion. Let's talk about your needs. Schedule an assessment session today.

    KARS Learning Sessions

    Moving Beyond Training to Promote Growth & Development

    "Professional Development" is a catch-all phrase that includes all types of training, presentations and activities focused on getting participants to behave in a certain way or carry out a certain set of tasks. These approaches are mostly external and based on a deficit model of what people lack or are missing.


    Our KARS Learning Sessions approach to professional development is one that is internally focused and strengths-based, enabling us to create an atmosphere of growth and focused learning to enhance strengths while improving areas of weakness. Our KARS Learning Sessions include action plans, follow-up, accountability and feedback; therefore we are able to create an atmosphere that promotes long-term change instead of only short term gains. Whether it's a one-time working session or a series of topics, we can create a custom solution that's a good fit for corporate, company and organization development; conference presentations and breakout sessions. Let's talk about your needs. Schedule an assessment session today.

    Mindset 2 Mastery

    Change your mindset. Master your success.

    Success begins and ends in the mind.


    Many times organizations conduct "training" programs for their staff as a way of solving problems regarding identified deficits. But the true measure of success or failure is in the thinking of those who are charged with making change.


    Mindset 2 Mastery™ is the Personal & Professional Development Division of The KARS Group LTD. Through this approach, we focus on creating opportunities for individual and group collaboration, growth and development and provide opportunities for individuals to receive the guidance and assistance necessary to create and sustain their success.


    Our weekly podcast: "Mindset 2 Mastery: Leading from Within" provides information, insights, resources, tips and strategies to listeners that will assist them in their journey of development.


    For details, visit www.mindset2mastery.com