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    In keeping with our goal of a strategic approach that creates long-term, sustainable systemic change, The KARS Group LTD offers these service models.

    KARS Facilitated Outcome™

    We work with you to achieve and sustain your results.

    Facilitated OutcomeTM is the process of managing planning, development and action in order to get a certain result. In short--we teach your people to get things done and to sustain the success after they've achieved it.


    Through this framework we work with you to 1) identify their vision of success; 2) determine a strategy to approach it; 3) create an action plan to achieve it; 4) equip your people to sustain it and 4) develop a plan to expand it. (Click here for a detailed description of the steps in the process.)


    Our team of strategic consultants work with your organization to identify and achieve tangible outcomes on a variety of projects, including, but not limited to:

    • Organizational Management
    • Diversity & Inclusion initiatives
    • Creating an enhanced consumer experience
    • Project management & productivity
    • Strategic planning
    • Strategic partnerships
    • Creating a culture of leadership
    • Measurement & Accountability
    • Operational guidelines & processes
    • Succession planning

    Let's talk about your needs. Schedule an assessment session today.

    Mindset 2 Mastery

    Developing your people to master success.

    Mindset 2 MasteryTM is the process of equipping your people with the tools necessary to shift their mindset and way of thinking in order to envision, achieve and sustain success.


    Success begins in the mind. Our way of thinking can help us or hinder us in our journey towards achieving and sustaining success. In order for any shift to be effective and sustainable, there must be fertile ground upon which to plant the seeds of change. The Mindset 2 MasteryTM process identifies any underlying biases, unspoken fears, and other factors impacting the way we believe, think and act.


    Development topics include, but are not limited to:

    • Effective Communication Strategies
    • Team building
    • Developing a collaborative framework
    • Time management & Productivity
    • Subconscious bias
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Professional development plans
    • Executive Coaching
    • Leadership Development
    • Effective Work Flow Strategies
    • Strategic planning & processes
    • Reflective Assessment & Evaluation
    • Mentorship & Collegial Coaching

    We also host a weekly podcast: "Mindset 2 MasteryTM" with the goal of providing information, insights, resources, tips and strategies to assist listeners in their journey of development.


    Mindset 2 MasteryTM sessions are offered in person and virtually. Let's talk about your needs. Schedule an assessment session today.

    KARS Learning Sessions

    Moving Beyond Training to Learning, Growth & Development

    The norm in organizations is to provide training on some topic or skill where team members are believed to be lacking. The problem with this approach lies in it being based on a deficit model of what people lack, instead of using information about their strengths to mitigate and improve their weaknesses.


    After all, who wants to spend four to eight hours in a "training" that talks about how badly you're peforming and gives you different examples of what you're doing wrong? It's no wonder that employees loathe training sessions and avoid them at all costs.


    Instead, our Learning Sessions move beyond "training" to focus on true learning, growth and development of team members. We don't ignore their weaknesses, we teach them how to improve by using their strengths. We don't focus on skills or a set of rote behaviors; we provide opportunities for them to learn, take risks and grow.


    Our Learning Sessions create opportunities for interactive, engaging learning environments. Participants are able to think critically, evaluate holistically, apply strategically and question systemmatically to get a desired result. Learning Sessions are designed to be collaborative in nature and connect the concepts presented to real world issues. All Learning Sessions require application as a demonstration of understanding, therefore the problems to be solved are based on issues that teams face in day to day situations.


    Learning Session topics include, but are not limited to:

    • Learning to ask the right questions
    • The Art of Communication: Style & Substance
    • Think Like A Leader
    • Creating a culture of collaboration
    • Effective team building strategies
    • Crafting the right message to get the right result
    • Organizational planning & process--The Keys to Success
    • Mentorship & Collegial Coaching
    • Strategic Thinking, Effective Planning
    • Success is in the Details: Big Picture Thinking & Focused Implementation


    And most importantly, Learning Sessions are flexible. Virtual, in-person, live, on-demand, mini sessions, half day, whole day or extended sessions--they can be crafted in ways that best fit your organization and the people on your teams. Let's talk about your needs. Schedule an assessment session today.

  • The Foundation...

    Why are we different? What does that mean for you?

    Our difference...

    Most Learning & Development departments are filled with people who know business skills and training programs. They teach skills, but they know little about how people think, grow and learn. Most schools are filled with people who know educational and learning theory and instructional practice, but they don't understand business.


    I am the best of both worlds--an educator with a mind (and background) for business and organizational structures.


    Our process is designed to achieve a result by equipping organizations to learn, grow and develop. Organizations who cultivate an environment focused on the L-G-D (Learn-Grow-Develop) model can not only achieve success by attaining outcomes and meeting goals; they also sustain success because they can adjust and adapt to manage change more effectively.


    In the world of business, change is the only constant. So we have to create and cultivate environments that equip people to embrace and manage change. The only way to effectively accomplish this is to develop systems that create and cultivate learning and leadership-focused organizations.


    Ultimately, the goal is not to reach an arbitrary goal or outcome (i.e., sales figure, profit margin or market share)--but rather to create and achieve a vision where organizations become learning, growing entities capable of achieving and sustaining long-term success.
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