KARS Group


keishaMy name is Keisha A. Rivers Shorty and I am a Strategist, Consultant, Speaker and Author.

As a Strategist, I specialize in providing personal and professional development strategies to women to assist them to fuel their passion, align with their purpose and build their legacy and work with them to finally become Released & Ready!™ to take on the next phase or step in their lives through my 90-day Master Action Plan.

As a Consultant, I combine my knowledge and expertise into a model where I not only examine programs, create processes, supervise implementation and assess outcomes, but also work closely with my clients to not only provide them with information, but to assist them in applying it for themselves.

As a Speaker, I engage, inspire, motivate, encourage and educate participants in my seminars, workshops, conference sessions, symposiums and retreats and provide them with tangible next steps to apply the strategies presented and continue their learning and development.

As an Author, I have poured my knowledge and systems for personal and professional development into books and self-study guides that will provide you with the opportunity to have me walk with you in your journey.


The KARS Group LTD is more than just a company. It is an outer representation of the dynamic inner combination of experience, knowledge, energy, excitement, passion and purpose that is Keisha A. Rivers Shorty. All of who I am what I have learned in the journey to arrive—is represented in this company.

To share my journey and the knowledge, strategies, tools and tips, I have also created a Connect page that features my blog, articles, videos and messages as a way to stay connected to you.

I thank you for taking the time to visit and encourage you to browse the site for additional details about each of the services I provide. Please visit the Contact page for information on how to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you.