• What is Facilitated OutcomeTM?

    The KARS Facilitated OutcomeTM Approach is a methodology used to teach teams and organizations how to systemmatically address issues, define outcomes and achieve success. In short, Facilitated OutcomeTM is applied learning, growth and development in action. It provides a structured process used to manage growth, encourage learning, insure and sustain success.

  • The Process in Action...

    Achieving successful outcomes requires a proven, consistent process.

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    Laying the Foundation: Vision & Outcome

    Creating & documenting your vision of success

    It's difficult to know where you're going unless you have a clear vision of what your destination looks like in action. During this phase, we work with clients to discover and create a vision of desired outcomes. Specific objectives and an enhanced view of the outcomes in action--i.e. activities, personnel, engagement, daily operating guidelines, etc.--create a 360° perspective. Asking the right questions is a key component of this process to insure that you identify the desired results.

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    Step 1: Strategy & Planning

    Deconstruct to Reconstruct

    Building upon the Vision & Desired Outcome, we unpack the objectives and process required when Deconstructing to Reconstruct. These steps are enabled by a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats), evaluation of process and procedures, and integration of applicable content. It's not just enough to have a set of steps to be taken; you have to insure that the RIGHT steps are being outlined that will get you to your desired result.

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    Step 2: Learning, Discovery & Development

    Problem Solving - Learning - Growth - Development

    Einstein once said "it is impossible to solve a problem with the same mind that created it". Simply put--you can't expect a different result (or different behavior) from someone who is still operating at the same level of thinking, doing and being. For this reason, our Facilitated OutcomeTM Approach includes an opportunity to engage team members in Learning, Discovery and Development. Through this process, we identify and build upon their strengths (while mitigating their weaknesses) as a way to create new and improved capabilities. This approach enables team members to actively apply what they've learned and enhances their ability to think critically, assess wholistically and act systemmatically.

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    Step 3: Action & Implementation

    Making it happen

    Most organizational planning comes down to creating a set of "to do" lists for team members to follow. The key lies just not in what is being done; but rather how it is being done. Through this phase of the process, team members are guided in ways to be more efficient and effective in the actions that they take; while also discovering ways to make better decisions about when and how to accomplish action steps. A more collaborative, collegial coaching and mentorship-focused team approach is introduced to provide support and insure success.

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    Reflection: Assessment & Evaluation

    Assessing your process. Making Course Corrections. Evaluating your progress.

    The key to lasting change is to assess your process, make adjustments as necessary, and evaluate your progress. Training and task management alone do not create an environment for successful outcomes. Unless teams are able to reflect strategically and systemmatically on the actions taken and evaluate effectively the outcomes received, there will be no way of sustaining success or correcting failure. This process teaches teams the most effective way to plan and implement the work after the plan.

  • How does Facilitated Outcome™work for you?

    What can you expect?

    Focused Outcomes

    The KARS Facilitated Outcome™ Approach provides a proven step-by-step process that enables companies and organizations to identify specific tangible outcomes, develop a plan of action and work through to completion. The focus isn't just on creating a plan, but on creating the RIGHT plan and then working that plan to achieve the results. What's more, our process is one that can be replicated and sustained so that your organization--and its people--will be better in the long term.

    True Development, Not "Training"

    Having the right strategy and identifying the desired outcomes does you no good if you aren't able to develop your people in the process. So often "training" is reduced to one dimensional workshops or courses that do little to truly engage and enrich employees. The KARS Facilitated Outcome™ Approach focuses on the cultivation of a true learning and development model where employees and staff are able to capitalize on their strengths while addressing and improving upon their weaknesses. In this way, results are achieved and sustained over time because the focus is on teaching your people how fix the problem instead of focusing on "fixing" your people.

    Who uses Facilated Outcome™?

    The KARS Facilitated Outcome™ Approach is designed specifically for organizations who are committed to enhancing their success at achieving identified outcomes. The Approach works well across industries with a focus on equipping their people to be critical thinkers, strategic planners, focused action-takers and accountable colleagues. Organizations where personnel operate in an ever-changing, fast-paced environment can especially benefit from this approach since the system requires a shift in thinking and processing from a linear, top-down model to one that is more dynamic, fluid and responsive to change. The KARS Facilitated Outcome™ Approach moves participants from a state of waiting and reacting to a position of anticipating, planning and responding.


    The KARS Group currently focuses its service efforts on outward-facing industries: consumer goods & services, hospitality, social sciences and social services.

    How does Facilated Outcome™ impact Diversity & Inclusion?

    In today's work environment, diversity and inclusion issues not only include race, gender and cultural considerations--but move beyond those to integrate emotional intelligence, learning styles, team building and colleagial coaching and mentoring. True Diversity & Inclusion efforts are designed to highlight and effectively integrate the strenths that come from varied backgrounds and perspectives. Within The KARS Facilitated Outcome™ Approach, team members are able to develop an understanding and appreciation for the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of each member of the team individually and its effect on the team's and organization's goals as a whole. By taking this approach, there is a greater understanding and framing of the differences that each person brings to the organization as a strength to be used in achieving stated goals. This moves teams to shift away from what separates individuals as a weakness to a collective understanding and appreciation of what brings people together to work towards a common goal.

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