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    More than just an online school---it's a place to create AND apply learning!

    The KARS Academy is the brainchild of Keisha A Rivers, who as an educator, dreamed of creating a "school without walls" where students could actively engage with others, actively participate in the process of learning and apply concepts in real-life settings to create success. Fast forward to today, and The KARS Academy provides opportunities for people from around the world to explore new topics, exchange ideas and create opportunities for their own individual growth and development.


    Although it's housed virtually, The KARS Academy is not just another "online training" website. The KARS Academy offers opportunities for individuals to collaborate in learning cohorts and take advantage of customized learning and development opportunities. We recognize that learning is a process and a journey that is best travelled with others. As a result, our model is based on creating thriving, active, collaborative learning communities.


    The KARS Academy is more than just an online school---it's a place to create AND apply learning!

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    The KARS Group LTD is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®.​

  • Learning on your time, at your pace.

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    Who is this for?

    The KARS Academy is designed for busy professionals who are seeking opportunities to enhance their personal and professional development, but who need more flexible options and want to create a learning journey that works with their lifestyle and the demands on their time. Oftentimes highly driven individuals find themselves navigating their journey alone. We've designed The KARS Academy to create a community of learners that will support one another, collaborate, connect and create opportunities for mentorship, peer coaching and accountability. These sessions are not designed for beginners. They are created specifically to challenge you and support you in reaching your development and career goals.


    Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs -- Nonprofit Leaders -- Career Professionals -- Former Military

    Different purposes...different approaches

    Because we recognize that learning for different purposes demands different approaches, we've created several Learning Levels to assist you in creating a learning experience that best meets your needs. Within each Learning Level, you are able to enhance your opportunity to learn, retain and apply concepts in ways that will insure your success.


    Please Note: The KARS Academy is specifically designed for individuals who are undertaking their learning journey and are seeking the support of a collaborative learning community to help them reach their goals. Groups, organizations and companies who wish to enhance their professional development offerings should contact us for information about our Learning Sessions to create a solution that meets their needs.

  • Learning Levels: Choose what works for you!

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    Level 1: Development Groups

    When you need to learn from and with others

    Our Development Groups provide opportunties for students to collaborate with and learn from others as they participate in development courses. These courses are more focused on learning and application of concepts, not just skill acquisition. Students in this level will be able to ask questions, participate in discussions and collaborate with others in the completion of course requirements.

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    Level 2: Facilitated Learning Cohorts

    When you need a guided learning experience

    Our Facilitated Learning Cohorts are designed to create a collaborative, active, applied learning environment where students are able to receive guidance, facilitation and support. Students are grouped into virtual learning cohorts that work together in real time with a facilitator to collaborate, identify problems, design solutions, outline strategies, develop and implement action plans.

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    Level 3: Immersion Experiences

    When you need on-site applied learning

    Our Immersion Experiences are live, on-site intensives designed to create an opportunity for students to work together in applied learning teams to develop solutions to identified problems. In these working sessions, students focus on the application of concepts to address real-world issues. The purpose of these sessions is to equip students to transfer and apply their acquired knowledge to their work environment upon completition of the course sessions. Immersion Experiences may vary in length depending on the scope of the concepts to be addressed.

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