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    We equip organizations and communities to create safe spaces where your people are seen, heard, and valued in the midst of uncertainty.


    "Change is a process that begins with an event."


    The way we manage change says a great deal about us and determines our success -- or failure. When facing change, how do we respond? Do we rally around processes, procedures and regulations or do we focus on ensuring that those around us are engaged, empowered and led properly? In order to be successful, companies must focus on BOTH aspects of managing change -- people AND processes.


    "No one does transformation like The KARS Group LTD does transformation."


    Experience has shown the importance of a company putting effort into its most powerful resource -- its people. When your people are engaged, they take ownership of the change process and work together to create solutions and cultivate an environment of cooperation and collaboration. When they have the opportunity to learn, they grow both individually and collectively and enhance their ability to move the company forward. When they have the capability to lead and are led effectively, they understand the importance of creating and sustaining a strong vision of success.

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  • Our Approach

    We facilitate outcomes by equipping people to manage, embrace and lead through change.


    Three areas of focus-- one result:

    We empower clients to create a culture of success based on three (3) areas of focus-- Engagement, Learning & Leadership.


    Our Mindset 2 Mastery, Learning Sessions and Facilitated OutcomeTM services are designed to meet your company's needs in each area based on what type of change your people are encountering: culture and teams; skills and processes or leadership and vision.


    Following an initial needs assessment, we craft a customized approach that fits your company's needs and identify outcomes that may include one, two or all three models. The ultimate goal is always the same--to equip your team to succeed.


    Managing Changes in Culture & Teams

    The latest Gallup poll reported over 70% of employees feeling disengaged in their positions. Organizations don't work if people don't feel connected, supported and valued. We work with you to create a culture of trust that will empower and engage your people, while preparing them to work together collaboratively.


    Managing Changes in Skills and Processes

    Organizations can only be as successful as their people are able to adapt and adopt new ways of thinking and doing. Our applied learning sessions are designed to assist in creating and meeting the goals of professional development plans and skill development based on the specific outcomes to be achieved.


    Managing Changes in Leadership & Vision

    The path to create successful outcomes depends on sound leadership. Creating the right strategy, approach and ability to empower and engage people at all levels is key. We work with you to create a leadership approach and culture that ensures success across teams and departments to achieve stated goals.

  • Who we work with...

    We work with clients in the consumer goods & services, retail, hospitality, government and education industries. Our process is a great fit to support your Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives, Employee/Business Resource Groups, strategic planning, leadership development, professional growth and development planning and organizational restructuring efforts.

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