• Equipped for Change

    "You can't fully create success from change unless you are properly equipped." ~KARS

    Preparing for the unexpected

    Take a strategic, big picture approach to dealing with immediate problems.

    Change is a process that begins with an event. But so often we are so hung up on the event that we get lost in the process.


    The Equipped for Change Series provides guidance, support, insights, strategies and action plans to assist you in navigating, embracing and succeeding through the process of change.


    Through our video series, Facebook group, virtual events and learning sessions you'll find the tools and strategies you need to equip you to create success.

  • The Process of Change...

    We guide you through the process of change to equip you to create and sustain success.


    The Catalyst

    All change begins with an event - some catalyst that moves you away from your "normal". We work with you to identify the root causes of the catalyst and create ways of responding - not reacting - to it.


    The Shift

    Once you're in the midst of change, you have to make the necessary shifts -- in your mindset, processes, vision, etc.--in order to move beyond the catalyst to adapt and adopt and create a new normal.


    The Next Normal

    There is no going "back" after change. The old ways of thinking, doing and being will no longer serve you. We work with you to equip you to shift your thinking towards creating and sustaining your "next" normal.

  • The Equipped for Change Series

    Because we all deal with change differently; you need a customized solution to meet your needs.

    Interactive Teaching Sessions

    We don't know what we don't know...

    Our interactive teaching sessions provide instruction in various aspects of change, change leadership, engagement, strategy and process management. When dealing with change, we can't use our old way of thinking, being and doing. We have to create new ways to address our new processes.

    Engaging Learning Experiences

    Growth is an active change process...

    When we actively engage in the process of change, we can experience growth both personally and professionally. Change is not a spectator sport. We cannot become better and create success unless we actively participate in the process of learning and growth. We work with you to create active learning experiences that heighten engagement and facilitate learning.

    Collaborative Application

    Talking about it only goes so far...

    Human beings learn best when they have opportunities to share and apply what they've learned. Creating new processes, adjusting to changes and cultivating an environment of collaboration and support are keys to success. We work with you to create models within your organization to enhance support, collaboration and guided application of concepts.

    Selected Topics

    Change isn't just professional...it's deeply personal so we address both.

    • Leading Effectively Through Change
    • Building & Sustaining Culture in a Changing Environment
    • Shifting Your Mindset For Change
    • Equipping Your Team For Change
    • Creating Your New Normal
    • Crafting A New Vision - Charting A New Course
    • Creative Solutions NOT Crisis Management
    • Turning Pain Points Into Growth Spurts
    • Transformation in the Midst of Transition
    • The Power of Hindsight in Vision Planning
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