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The Living Organization

with guest Norman Wolfe

· Podcast Episodes,Mindset 2 Mastery

No matter what the industry, leaders at one point or another have asked themselves "why aren't we more successful?" If we examine the history of companies and organizations, we can inevitably point to instances where success has seemed elusive and a shift was required. Today we're faced with yet another shift--a forced change that has caused companies large and small to rethink the way business must be done. The need to pivot, adapt and shift is widespread, but with so much uncertainty in a world dominated by COVID-19 concerns, it's hard to know exactly what is the right path. How do organizations bounce back from widespread unforeseen change? How to they create opportunities when faced with chaos? What is the best way not only to adapt in the short term, but to transform that will lead to long-term success? Our guest, Norman Wolfe provides insights and shares his model of transforming businesses to create extraordinary results by creating a living organization.

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About Norman:

Norman Wolfe, founder and CEO of Quantum Leaders, is a leading voice in bringing about a transformation of the core paradigm of business. He is a 15-year veteran of Hewlett Packard, has lead and consulted with companies large and small. He is the author of The Living Organization, an application of the core principles of how the world works and how organizations can create extraordinary impact.

Norman Wolfe

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