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Surviving Toxic Work Culture

with Guest Nicole L. Turner

· Mindset 2 Mastery,Podcast Episodes

Toxic work culture is perhaps the number one reason why employees leave and are disengaged. In fact, according to a study by SHRM, 49% of American workers have thought about leaving their current organization and the cost of turnover due to workplace culture has exceeded $223 BILLION dollars over the past five years. We all know that effective leaders are focused on more than just the tasks that get done--they're in tune with and connected to the needs of their people. In this episode of Mindset 2 Mastery, we talk to Nicole L. Turner, CEO of The OYAT Group, about how to recognize toxic situations, identify pain points and develop actionable solutions that make your organization healthier.

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About Nicole L. Turner...
Nicole L. Turner is a multi-talented, multi-layered woman. She is a best-selling author, consultant, coach, speaker, filmmaker, and podcaster. As the CEO of The OYAT Group, Nicole helps organizations resolve toxic situations by identifying pain points and working with them to develop and implement actionable solutions that make their organization healthier. holds graduate degrees in Education and Business, has a graduate certificate in Diversity Studies, and is a certified Human Capital Strategist, Strategic HR Business Partner, and a Prosci-certified Change Manager. Nicole is also a Diversity Value Index Judge. As a judge, Nicole uses defined metrics and benchmarks to assess how organizations are implementing Diversity and Inclusion programs and leveraging those programs to create business impact. Contact Nicole at or find her on Linkedin at

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