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Leadership Lessons from 1st Graders

with Keisha A Rivers

· Mindset 2 Mastery,Podcast Episodes

Leadership has been presented as a complicated process of learning, development and ongoing training, but what if we're making WAY too much of all of this? What if leadership is really a SIMPLE process? In this episode Keisha A Rivers of The KARS Group LTD discusses leadership lessons that she learned from a group of first graders and how you can apply them to your team, group or organization to become more effective.

Meet Keisha A. Rivers

President & Chief Outcome Facilitator

As Chief Outcome Facilitator and President of The KARS Group LTD, Keisha A Rivers specializes in working with companies and organizations to achieve desired outcomes by managing change through development of engagement, learning and leadership. She has over 20 years of experience in the strategic consulting and organizational development space working with clients in consumer goods & services, hospitality, social sciences and social services industries.

An educator at heart, Keisha focuses her approach on teaching clients to understand and create their own unique vision of success. From there they work together to develop the foundation and framework for processes that will create dynamic, inclusive learning communities and empower their teams to take ownership and lead from within. The goal is not just to achieve outcomes and solve problems, but to equip her clients to sustain their success.

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