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Is it REAL change or just show and tell?

with Keisha A Rivers

· Mindset 2 Mastery,Podcast Episodes

When I taught first graders they LOVED show and tell because they got to bring in something that was special to them in some way and "show" it to their classmates while "telling" them all about how wonderful it was. The problem is that no one else got to actually experience the wonderful aspects of what they were talking about. Far too often organizations approach change in the same way. They "show" examples of others doing it and "tell" their people what they expect and how to do it (i.e., different processes and procedures) - but they never truly allow their people to experience the growth and development necessary to achieve REAL, sustainable change. Join Keisha A Rivers as she discusses how you can avoid "Show & Tell" and instead create REAL change in your organizations.

Meet Keisha A. Rivers

President & Chief Outcome Facilitator

"Change is a process that begins with an event."

Keisha A Rivers survived a harrowing Hurricane Katrina experience to become a successful speaker, change agent and learning leader. She facilitates successful outcomes by equipping people to manage change while centering on three main areas: Engagement, Learning and Leadership.

She is celebrating the success of her podcast Mindset 2 Mastery; development of the KARS Facilitated Outcome Approach; being selected as a contributor for Thrive Global & iKnow Media and is eagerly anticipating the launch of her KARS Academy in February 2020. Discover more at

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