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Inspiring Improv

with guest Caitlin Drago

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Unleashing your "yes...and"

So many times we find ourselves doing the same old thing and approaching life the same old way. Well, what would your life look like if you were a bit more open to the art of improv? Join us as guest Caitlin Drago of Inspire Improv provides great tips and insights on how you can use the art of improv in your personal and professional life to create more dynamic relationships and more successful outcomes.

About Caitlin:

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Caitlin Drago is the owner of Inspire Improv and Coaching, a New York State Certified Women Owned Business Enterprise.

Caitlin Drago is the President of Inspire Improv and Coaching Inc. She believes that our world would change drastically if people both listened to what others had to say and were living into their full potential, using their strengths and talents on a daily basis.

Caitlin is both an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, as well as a trained actor, having spent the duration of her 20s working and studying in Los Angeles. She provides both interactive, improv-based team programs for organizations looking to improve communication, collaboration and teamwork as well as one-on-one and group coaching services for individuals to help them get out of their own way and reach their full potential. It's nice to hear others say you're great, Caitlin helps you to believe it yourself.

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