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Get The Memo: Securing Your Seat

With Guest Minda Harts

· Mindset 2 Mastery,Podcast Episodes

There are times when we feel like we're in rooms where we don't belong (or aren't welcome). What do we do if we want to show up fully and authentically but don't think others will welcome us with open arms? How do we secure our seat at the table when we may not have been invited? Join host Keisha A Rivers as she speaks with our guest Minda Harts, author of The Memo: What Women of Color Need to Know To Secure A Seat At the Table and discusses what the journey to securing your seat looks like and how you can plot your own course.

Minda Harts is the CEO of The Memo LLC, a career development platform for women of color. She is the best-selling author of The Memo: What Women of Color Need To Know To Secure A Seat At The Table. Minda is an Assistant Professor at NYU Wagner. She has been featured on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Fast Company, The Guardian, and Time Magazine. Frequently speaks at companies like Microsoft, Levi's, Google, and Nike, and Bloomberg on topics such as Leadership, Managing Diverse Teams and Self-Advocacy. She also hosts a weekly podcast called Secure The Seat.

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