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Finding Your Yes Sisters

with Angelia White

· Podcast Episodes,Mindset 2 Mastery

“No.” That single word has the power to crush your dreams and cloud your life with negativity.
Angelia L. White, CEO of HOPE for Women, has heard many “nos” and decided it was time for a
change. She began surrounding herself with positive, supportive women, and watched the
changing impact it had on every aspect of her life.
​In Yes Sisters: Surrounding Yourself with Women Who Affirm, Encourage, and Challenge You,
White shares her own experience, as well as the stories of other Yes Sisters to empower readers
to find and cultivate Yes Sister relationships and learn how to become a Yes Sister for someone
else. Tune in as we discover what it means to be a Yes Sister and how to find--and become--one

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Angelia L. White is the creator of Hope for Women magazine, a quarterly publication with a reach of 200,000. A Ball State University Black Alumni Award of Achievement recipient, Angelia is a mother of three and the publisher, president, and CEO of HOPE for Women, headquartered in Muncie, Indiana.

Rising from a background of discouragement, she spends her life encouraging other women to step into their full potential and share their inspiring stories.

Facebook: @hope4women

Twitter: @hopemag

Instagram: @hopemag

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