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Evicting the Element of Fear...

With Keisha A Rivers

· Mindset 2 Mastery,Podcast Episodes

The Boogeyman doesn't live here anymore! Our decision-making ability is rooted in our belief systems and the way in which we see the world and our place in it. Our views of the world are largely rooted in our perceptions—and nothing clouds and shapes our perceptions—and therefore causes more issues when it comes to creating a successful life—than fear. Join Keisha A Rivers, President and Chief Outcome Facilitator of The KARS Group LTD as she discusses the truth about fear and then provides tips and action steps that you can implement immediately to begin to change your mindset and use the fear to fuel your success.

About Keisha:

President & Chief Outcome Facilitator

As Chief Outcome Facilitator and President of The KARS Group LTD, Keisha A Rivers specializes in working with companies and organizations to achieve desired outcomes through development of leadership, diversity, inclusion and learning communities. She has over 14 years of experience in the strategic consulting and organizational development space working with clients in consumer goods & services, hospitality, social sciences and social services industries.

An educator at heart, Keisha focuses her approach on teaching clients to understand and create their own unique vision of success. From there they work together to develop the foundation and framework for processes that will create dynamic, inclusive learning communities and empower their teams to take ownership and lead from within. The goal is not just to achieve outcomes and solve problems, but to equip her clients to sustain their success.

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