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Embrace the Stillness

Released & Ready with Keisha A Rivers

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I'm so excited to debut a special segment on my Mindset 2 Mastery podcast called Released & Ready where we will provide insights to assist you in your personal journey to discover and release the power and potential within. This special segment will air Sundays at 8pm EST on and Mondays at 12pm EST on our website.

In today's world we seem to be constantly bombarded with decisions to make and actions that need to be taken NOW. How does that impact us? We're tired, stressed out, anxious and emotionally wound up. In this episode we talk about ways that you can embrace the stillness within your life and how that shows up in assisting you to live a life that is more rewarding, successful and peaceful. You don't want to miss this!

Keisha A Rivers survived a harrowing Hurricane Katrina experience to become a successful speaker, change agent and learning leader. She facilitates successful outcomes by equipping people to manage change. Her work centers on three main areas: Engagement, Learning and Leadership. Keisha has over 14+ years of experience in the strategic consulting and organizational development space. She works with clients in the consumer goods & services, retail, hospitality, government and education industries.

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