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with guest Sonya Smith-Valentine

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How to Advance Your Career by Managing Your Money

Being serious about your career means that you're serious about improving your skills, enhancing your leadership abilities and invested in making the right connections. But even in doing all of that, could you be missing one of the most important things--your finances? Join us as we sit down with Sonya Smith-Valentine, President of Financially Fierce, as she discusses how ignoring your money management skills can negatively impact your career and provides some actionable steps that you can take right now to begin to turn things around. You don't want to miss this one!

About Sonya:

About Sonya: Sonya Smith-Valentine survived a devastating car accident to become a successful businesswoman. A drunk driver ran into her car on the highway at 90 mph and she lived! That accident and the year of physical therapy that followed (while finishing law school, taking the CPA exam and the bar exam, and doing an emergency move due to a structurally damaged apartment) taught her the importance of perseverance, determination, hard work, financial know-how and leadership.

Sonya is now an award-winning executive, financial expert and attorney with over 25+ years experience in personal finance, business finance, negotiation, strategic thinking, leadership, and professional development. She is a highly sought-after thought leader, keynote speaker, consultant and trainer providing strategies and solutions on:
1. Improving workplace performance (by decreasing employee financial stress)
2. Turning managers and executives into financially savvy decision makers
3. Enhancing the negotiation and strategic thinking skills of employees
Sonya has worked with multi-national corporations, law firms, government agencies, higher education, and community organizations across the country improving productivity, leadership, negotiation/strategic thinking skills and financial know-how. She also delivers motivational speeches for corporate events. employee resource groups and conferences each year. She is regularly interviewed for television segments and news articles by various news organizations and media outlets.

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