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Building Remote Connections

Creating Authentic Relationships in a Virtual World with guest Shalini Nag

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As we find ourselves relying more on technology to stay in touch, it begs the question of whether we can build true connections in a remote environment. Whether you're working from home, connecting with others personally or trying to forge new networks, forming and nurturing relationships when you're not face to face can be a challenge. Join our guest Shalini Nag as she provides insights, tips and action steps that you can take to ensure that your relationships are successful and sustainable--regardless of where you're located.

About Shalini Nag:

Shalini Nag, Ph.D. is the Founder of EvidaSolve, a management consulting firm that transforms employers into talent magnets by working with business leaders to empower their people to step into their potential and perform at their peak. Her work results in measurable impact including increased revenues, and cost savings.

A global citizen, Shalini has lived and worked in 5 countries and worked with over 80 organizations worldwide including several Fortune 500 companies and the World Economic Forum. Due to her diverse lived experience, scientific training and real-world business experience, Shalini has a unique perspective on adapting to crises and change, cross-cultural relationship building, and creating inclusive, high-performance environments.

Shalini obtained her PhD at the National University of Singapore, and conducted doctoral and postdoctoral research at A-Star Singapore and Yale University. She worked as a management consultant at BCG (a top-tier global management consulting firm) prior to founding EvidaSolve. She is currently on a mission to create MERITocratic workplaces that harness the full potential of their people.

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