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Building A BeYOUtiful Life

with guest Sabrina Fisher

· Mindset 2 Mastery,Podcast Episodes

We've all dreamed about what we want our lives to be, but how many of us have actually DONE something to make that dream a reality? If you've found yourself trying to figure out what steps you need to take to create the life you want or to make a pivot and change what you already have, listen in to this episode and take notes as Sabrina Fisher outlines specific steps that you can take today.

Sabrina Fisher is the CEO of NDR Consulting Group LLC. She offers many years of experience as an entrepreneur and consultant, having worked with numerous companies helping to streamline processes, procedures, and providing accounting services. The vision of NDR Consulting Group is to help businesses and individuals improve their financial literacy and to ultimately build generational wealth. Her personal business motto has been “you cannot effectively manage what you cannot measure. Know your numbers!”

Sabrina is also the Founding Executive Director of Building BeYOUtiful, an organization specifically dedicated to empowering women with the ability to see their value and move beyond pressing situations. Based on the model of “there is violence in our silence” she has dedicated her life by using her voice and past experiences to help women step into their purpose and destiny; She hopes to instill the importance of making quality conscious decisions that a woman can feel proud about and walk with a great awareness of her worth.

Her clear and unwavering vision has already proven to be instrumental in creating widespread recognized organizations with philosophies that reflect the importance of a woman living with respect, dignity, and financial empowerment. Since her first job as a member of the United States Navy, Sabrina has continued to show her commitment to excellence, hard work and integrity. She has a Bachelor degree in Finance and Business Management and a Master of Business Administration.

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