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Becoming A Leader Worth Following

with guest Jon S. Rennie

· Mindset 2 Mastery,Podcast Episodes

If the saying "Leaders are born, not made" is true, then why do we have so many leadership development programs, courses, books and resources on how to "become" a leader? Even if you have natural leadership abilities, it's still accepted practice that you would need some guidance on how to be an effective leader and more importantly, how to get others to follow you. In this episode, Jon Rennie discusses the characteristics that are important to becoming a leader that others WANT to follow.


Specifically, we discuss:

  • There is a problem with employee engagement in business today
  • Too many managers are doing and not leading
  • Leadership is a people business
  • Leadership is about influencing a group of people to meet a goal
  • The three elements of leadership are influence, people, and a goal
  • Leadership is not about emails and to-do lists
  • An absent manager is just as bad as a micromanager
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About Jon S. Rennie:

Jon is a former Cold War nuclear submarine officer turned CEO. He led eight manufacturing businesses in Corporate America for 22 years before starting his own manufacturing business in 2016. He writes and speaks on leadership issues and hosts the Deep Leadership podcast. His latest book, "I Have the Watch: Becoming a Leader Worth Following" is an Amazon best-seller.

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