• What is Facilitated Outcome™?

    Vision & Desired Outcome

    Creating & documenting your vision of success

    It's difficult to know where you're going unless you have a clear vision of what your destination looks like in action. During this phase, we work with clients to discover and create a vision of desired outcomes. Specific objectives and an enhanced view of the outcomes in action--i.e. activities, personnel, engagement, daily operating guidelines, etc.--create a 360° perspective.

    Strategy & Action

    Deconstruct to Reconstruct

    Building upon the Vision & Desired Outcome, we unpack the objectives and process required when Deconstructing to Reconstruct. These steps are enabled by SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats), evaluation of process and procedures, and integration of applicable content.

    Assessment & Evaluation

    Assessing your process. Making Course Corrections. Evaluating your progress.

    The key to lasting change is to assess your process, make adjustments as necessary, and evaluate your progress. Training and task management alone do not create an environment for successful outcomes.