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    Bring 20/20 Vision, Clarity & Accountability to YOUR career!

    20/20 Executive Resource Group (ERG) Cohorts - Next Session Starts January 6th, 2020

    The journey of an executive isn't for the faint of heart. Those who have been in the trenches for years still have bouts of self-doubt and find themselves second-guessing their decisions and career path. The one thing you have to learn early on is to have others in your corner who understand the journey, will console you when you make a mistake, celebrate with you when you win, challenge you when you're not seeing clearly and push you forward when you're standing on the edge wondering if you can move into uncharted waters.

    Why was the 20/20 ERG Cohort created?

    Let's be honest, shall we?

    Leaders are ALWAYS expected to put on their best face and face the world boldly. There are very few opportunities for vulnerability and to share in honest, open discussions about your professional goals, vision and fears. Encouragement is often needed, but so is specific, focused feedback and guidance on what you need to actually DO next in order to move the needle.


    The 20/20 ERG (Executive Resource Group) Cohort is for you if:

    • You want a specific plan of what to do that will gets you the outcomes you desire
    • You find yourself feeling that you're spinning your wheels
    • You don't know what to do next in your professional journey
    • You feel like you've gone as far as you can alone
    • You're searching for a group that can provide feedback, support and accountability
    • You've tried working alone and realize that you need others to help you

    What can I get out of a 20/20 ERG Cohort?

    What's in it for you?

    Change is a part of an executive's world, but not something that executives usually welome or embrace, even though it IS necessary if you want to move your career forward. Effectively managing the process of change is the #1 indicator of career success. 20/20 ERG Cohorts (Executive Resource Group) equip you to not only manage change, but to utilize it successfully by provide all participants with:

    • Leadership Development
    • Team Building
    • Executive Roundtables
    • Accountability Partners
    • Strategic Partnerships
    • Professional Development (training on identified topics)
    • Goal-Setting
    • Action steps & Implementation
    • Evaluation & Assessment
    • Advisory Roundtables
    • Guest Speakers/Presenters
    • Hot-Seat/Q&A/Solution Design Sessions
    • Mentorship
    • Peer Coaching

    Who are 20/20 ERG Cohorts created for?

    We focus on the executive experience to best facilitate outcomes.

    20/20 ERG Cohorts (Executive Resource Group) are designed SPECIFICALLY for executives, senior and mid-level managers and experienced (5+ years in business) entrepreneur professional service providers (i.e., consultants, speakers, coaches, strategists, trainers, accountants, attorneys, etc.).


    If you're looking for an opportunity to enhance your professional development while receiving specific, outcomes-focused training, guidance, feedback and action plans, then this is designed specifically for you.



    How does it work?

    What can I expect?

    20/20 ERG Cohorts meet virtualy bi-weekly or monthly (depending on the group needs) for 60 to 90 minute sessions (depending on the size of the group). Each session has an agenda of items to be discussed and each member is able to share any pressing issues and gain support and guidance from the rest of the team. 20/20 ERG Cohorts are faciliated by an experienced Team Leader who sets the tone for the group and outlines parameters of participation and facilitates discussions. Each cohort member will be asked to create a Professional Vision, Goal and Action Plan at the onset that will serve as the focus for the 20/20 ERG Cohort.

    ACT NOW: Reserve your place today!

    Spaces are limited.

    Next Session begins January 6th, 2019.

    Applications are now being accepted.

    20/20 ERG Cohorts are only open to a limited number of participants. If you're tired of wishing for more and wondering what's next in your business, the time is NOW to take action and create your success!

    Complete the application and upon acceptance, you will receive an invitation and next steps.


    20/20 ERG Cohort Early-bird Rate: $495

    (Regular fee: $795 as of 12/5/19)

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